Gold, Oil and Water Predictions

Hello everybody. It has been quite a while since we sat down and had these conversations. I have missed them, but I’m back!

So let’s look back through the Boxes of Knowledge and see if anything that was in those appears now, in 2012. Let’s take a look at boxes 4 and 5, in Saved by the Light, Chapter 5.

I believe that what is happening right now is the manifestation of what these two boxes were all about. I can see some of the mistakes that I made in interpretation, but it always amazes me when I realize that those beings of light could see our possible courses. The other thing that amazes me is, no matter how badly we appear to be screwing it up, We will win! Smile, appreciate, and have some fun.

We must stay vigilant, confident, and extremely spiritually focused, to achieve the highest possible levels of perception that we can. So, with the latter in mind and using boxes 4 and 5, let’s see how close we are. Is there strife in the Middle East? ….Yes. Is Jerusalem the center of the major issue? ….Yes. Have the Palestinians begun the process of declaring themselves a nation? ….Yes. And where, once again, would you put Jerusalem? …At the Center.

Iranian Submarine
Next, do Iranians have submarines? …Yes. At least seven. Are they talking about blocking the flow of oil to the free world? …Yes. Have we moved a flotilla of warships into the Arabian Sea? ….Yes, along with the British. ….Yes. We’re living in the 1890′s again everybody, when naval power was the recognized show of force. We all now know air power is the ultimate show of force. Can a drone find you anywhere in the world? ….Yes. It means that the Boxes of Knowledge are accurate in their timing. Remember, everybody, this was 1975.

So what is this saber rattling in the Middle East all about? It’s all about the control of oil to developing nations. It’s about the breaking of intercountry central banks. It’s about who can show the strongest projection of power in the Middle East. So we send a 50-year-old aircraft carrier group, the U. S. Enterprise, into harm’s way, hoping to provoke a reason to attack Iran. Lol. Why would you send in an ancient aircraft carrier, knowing the Iranians possess French made Exocet missiles, the deadliest surface to surface weapon in the world’s arsenal, and a stockpile of the legendary 801C3 short range missiles? Seems crazy to me and very bad command and control. They have now also added a boat that houses nothing but special operations groups.

Dome of the Rock
But what seems even crazier to me is everyone wants us to believe it’s about Iran shooting a nuclear tipped missile at Israel, or carrying into Israel a suitcase nuclear bomb. Think about that for a minute, everybody. Two of the holiest shrines in the world of Islam are Mecca and the Dome of the Rock. The fact is that Iranians, are composed of Shia, a 200-million-member sect of Islam, and Sunis, the other sect, with 1.2 billion members. So if the Iranian Shia nuke the Dome of the Rock, we could all just come home, because the 1.2 billion Sunis would take care of them for us and we could for sure negotiate peace in the Middle East. As of January 17th, Israeli newspapers were reporting that the government does not believe the Iranians are building a nuclear weapon.

So, what’s it really all about? It’s really about the control of oil going to China and India, and the breaking of the Iranian Central Bank. Today the United States and Europe have embargoed any country from doing business with the Iran Central Bank, hoping that this will force them not to build a nuclear weapon, while we know without any question they would never bomb the home of the Dome of the Rock.

If it’s about the control of the central bank and the flow of oil, as it reads in the sanction, that would mean WalMart could not buy any more Chinese goods, if the Chinese bought oil from the Iranians. Knowing that the Chinese buy up to ¼ of their oil consumption from Iran, and probably will buy more in the future, how many of us think that that’s gonna happen? It ain’t.

Gold and Oil
So, in the last couple of days, the Indians, the Chinese, and the Iranians have agreed to pay gold for the oil, completely moving outside of the American and European Central Banks, but staying within the guidelines of the embargo. I am pretty sure that South Korea will figure a way around it too. I just heard that we have placed 12,000 American forces in Libya, to protect the oil fields, probably to make up for the loss if we attack Iran. And British Petroleum was exempt from the sanction, because they are doing a joint venture with Iran at the Caspian Sea. How crazy is that? Hey, everybody, this is crazy, but it is truly what is happening. Look for some form of devaluation of our currency, because when you lose the power of the Reserve Currency, you are losing power and global influence.

Iran’s Central Bank
Can you imagine that Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Libya once worked closely together, to create a currency called the Golden Dinar? Each of these countries had their own central banks, their own gold reserve, and their oil as collateral for their currency. The only two left are Syria and Iran and Muammar Khaddafi was trying to create a unified currency, backed by oil and gold, as the defining currency for the purchase of oil. Now we all know what happened to him. And do you think, just before the attack on Muammar Khaddafi, the visit from Tony Blair helped solidify British Petroleum’s position in Libya? Half of them are gone now. Only Syria and Iran remain. Remember, everybody, the international fractal banking system, currency that is just paper, would collapse overnight if Iran was selling oil for gold.

Sanctions on the Iranian Central Bank have absolutely nothing to do with a nuclear weapon. This is what it’s about, everybody. The Iranians have to be stopped from trading gold for oil, reestablishing an asset-backed currency, instead of the fractal banking currency that we are forced to live in today. We have the ability to just keep printing money, as long as you buy oil in petrol dollars. It’s really hard to imagine that we, America, the greatest nation in the world, gave up our industrial and manufacturing rights, so we could buy cheap stuff, on credit. The perfection of instant gratification. All of that is changing, for the good.

This shows that the power of the shift, what is really happening around us, is making us aware of the need for the realigning of our system of values.

But now, thankfully, we’re at the last part, everybody. Everything that’s going on is just an illusion, except for the realignment of our spiritual integrity. We have come to believe that the only things that have power are weapons, oil, gold, and drugs. The Boxes of Knowledge inform us that the true underlying power is access to water. The fact is, no matter what we hear, all the boxes lead to world conflicts fought over water. Something we can’t do without. Everything you read about the Middle East will be about water, whether it says so or not. Everything you read about India and China will be about water too. So pay attention, everybody, to how much water India, China, Israel, and the Middle East have, –for drinking. And then, just out of boredom, check out the drinkable water in the rest of the world.

Drinkable Water
So, if you look at the Middle East and they have a lot of oil, based on the Boxes of Knowledge, that would also mean they would have little to no drinking water. We can live without weapons, oil, gold, and most drugs, but we can’t live without drinking water. Everything is about water, so make sure that you have plenty, or you have plenty close to you!

When you’re watching the news and you see all these things happening, the underlying root is drinking water. How does it make you feel to know that India, China, and possibly South Korea are about to take the lead in re-establishing an asset backed currency, buying oil with gold? Meanwhile, we are the #1 exporter of fuels, because we are the only ones who can refine it.

Where do you think we would be, a country owing sixteen trillion dollars, if people stopped buying oil in dollars? The established form of purchase of oil today is –petrol dollars. If you buy oil, you pay for it in dollars. That’s what you call a Reserve Currency.

Water, the essence of physical life.
When watching all the news, always take note of how much drinking water is available in that country. You will begin to see the underlying truth. And once again, make sure you check your supply of water.

What I’m trying to do in “That Ain’t Nothing,” is to watch the world through the eyes of the Boxes of Knowledge. And in doing so, I’m trying to give each of you an underlying clarity about what the issues are, but more importantly, what they really mean. I want to help create a place that helps you stay focused in your hearts and your spiritual self identity and not in a world built an controlled by fear.

The point is, in this changing turbulent time, remember it’s just another spiritual journey. Getting there is the most fun. Remember, WE WILL WIN! We will reestablish ourselves as beings of integrity. And we will aspire to inspire before we expire.

Dannion Brinkley